The major focus of training by the KVK is to impart practical work experience inculcating the principle of “Learning by doing and teaching by doing”. The clientele includes the practicing farmers, farmwomen, unemployed village youths, school dropouts, village extension functionaries and development agents from the district. Each year the KVK conducts on an average of 120 training programs benefitting 6000-7000 farmers of the district.

Crop Production:

Preparation of FYM from agricultural wastes through compost pit
Integrated nutrient management in Aromatic paddy
Integrated Nutrient management in paddy
Application of herbicide in transplanted & direct sown rice
Seed inoculation with bio-fertilizer in pulse & oilseed crops
Integrated nutrient management in oilseed & pulse crops
Foliar spraying of macro-micronutrients in field crops
Application of gypsum in rape seed –mustard ,groundnut& sunflower crops
Soil sample collection and testing for field crops
Integrated Nutrient Management in cereal pulse and oil seed crops
Seed Production in paddy


Integrated crop management in hybrid okra cultivation
Integrated Crop Management in Marigold
Technique of application of Arka microbial consortium in Cowpea
Lay out, planting and Fertilizer management in high density planting of banana
Technique of preparation and application of Banana Special in Banana
Preparation and use of Panchagavya in vegatables
Propagation techniques of pointed gourd through vines/vine cuttings
Post planting care and fertilizer management in hybrid papaya
Package & practices in Tomato cultivation
Fertilizer management and intercultural practices for enhancing production in Water Melon
Precision Farming in Vegetables
Pro-tray nursery raising of vegetable seedlings

Animal Science:

Care of the udder of high yielding cows and clean milk production

Prevention of FMD, BQ & HS in cattle, sheep and goats

Housing and feed management for backyard poultry
Broiler goat production for higher income generation
Minimizing mortality in improved poultry birds reared under backyard farming system
Importance of micro nutrients for better health and production from cattle and goats
Options for reducing cost of production of milk in crossbred cows
Modern Techniques in Livestock Production
Duck farming practices for self-employment and income generation

Home Science:

Control of stored pest in cereals & Pulses using grain pro - super bag

Nursery raising of vegetable seedling under poly tunnel house
Preparation of mix vegetable pickles
Rearing practices of Honey bee cultivation
Drudgery reduction through sitting & standing type coconut dehusker
Management & cultivation of oyster mushroom & value added product preparation
Baby corn management & value added product from baby corn
Management & cultivation of paddy straw mushroom in off season & value added product preparation
Importance of Early child hood care and its impact
Mushroom cultivation and value added product preparation for Rural youths/SHGs
Value addition in unexploited fruits and vegetables

Small scale Income generating enterprise through phenyl making,Agarbati making,Candle making