OFT (On Farm Trails):

An On-farm trial of KVK aims to test a new technology/variety or an idea in farmer’s field, under farmer’s conditions and management, by using farmer’s own practice as control. It helps to develop innovations consistent with farmer’s circumstance. Every year KVK conducts On farm trail based on the action plan prepared. The planend OFT for 2016-17 are

Crop Production

Assessment of Scented rice Var. Ketakijuha/ Purnabhog/ Nuachinikamini
Assessment of Herbicide Bispyribac Sodium in direct sown rice
Assessment of Integrated Nutrient Management in Transplanted Rice
Assessment of Irrigation Management by use of Soil Moisture Indicator in Sugarcane


Assessment of Yam production in Gunny bags
Assessment of Arka Microbial Consortium(AMC) for increasing seedling vigor and sustainable crop pro
Assessment of fertilizer management in papaya var. Red lady
Assessment of Tomato variety Arka Rakshak during early summer
Assessment of Panchagavya for quality flower production in Marigold

Animal Science

Assessment of hand operated innovative milking machine in crossbred lactating cows of small & marginal farmers
Assessment of Micronutrient Lick Block as mineral supplement to improve production performance of goats
Assessment of intensive feeding management for production of Broiler goat.
Rearing of Quail to provide supplemental income and protein to rural farmers.

Home Science

Assessment of grain pro-supper bag for safe storage of paddy seeds
Assessment of sitting type coconut dehusker for drudgery reduction of farm women
Assessment of Nursery raising of vegetable seedling in low cost poly tunnel
Assessment of production of oyster mushroom using different substrate