Frontline Demonstration

Frontline Demonstration (FLD):

Technologies suited to the micro-farming situation and proved by assessment and refinements through OFTs are considered as FLDs. Every year the KVK conducts the FLD programmes on technologies that are assessed and successfully accomplished at farmers field. The planned FLDs for 2016-17 are on

Crop Production

Demonstration of Upland Rice Var. Sahbhagidhan
Intercropping Arhar and Rice in upland
Demonstration of Hybrid Maize variety P3441
Demonstration of Hybrid Sunflower var. TNAU Sunflower Hybrid CO 2


Ginger var. Suprabha in semi-shaded backyard places
Foliar application of Banana Special-Micro nutrient formulation
Panchagavya for enhancing production in Vegetables
Intercropping of Maize with Capsicum

Animal Science

Supplementing Chelated Mineral Mixture in daily ration of cows to improve milk yield, milk fat and to reduce cost of production
Demonstration of Kaveri poultry in backyard farming system for meat and egg production (OFT converted)
Integration of native cross ducks in backyard pond
Rearing of coloured broiler in the backyard for quick income generation (2nd year)

Home Science

Demonstration on Honey bee cultivation in backyard condition
Demonstration of baby corn HM-4 maize variety
Demonstration of low cost poly house technology for paddy straw mushroom cultivation during winter season
Introduction on mixed vegetables(cauliflower, carrot, peas) pickle


Scientific Management Practices in Community Ponds