Farmers Innovation

Mr. Chhabindra Bhatta, a master farmer of KVK-Khordha used to grow Pointed Gourd var. Swarna Alaukik.   Availability of planting material was a constraint and Mr. Bhatta started poly plant production of pointed gourd from vine cuttings.  KVK trained Mr. Bhatta to produce planting materials through poly plants from vine cuttings during June-July. The poly plants is required to be kept for 4-5  months for transplanting to the main field.  Mr. Bhatta witnessed a major problem of mortality of 30-40% after 2-2 ½ months of production.  To overcome this Mr. Bhatta had an innovative idea of  producing poly plants through layering method directly in standing crop field. As a trail he practiced putting each alternative nodes of the immature vines treated with appropriate rooting hormone into the polythene bags ( 6”x 4”) filled with potting mixture. The poly plants were collected from the field at the last stage of the crop by cutting the interconnected vine by a sharp knife.

Outcome: Alternative method has been devised towards planting material production for Pointed Gourd. Mr. Bhattta is self sufficient with planting material production and is supplying to neighboring farmers. Mortality of planting materials is minimized to 4-5% and other farmers have started adopting the practice.  During 2013 Mr,. Bhatta has produced 2500 poly plants worth Rs. 20,000 as per selling price fixed by CHES, IIHR, Bhubaneswar