Convergence & Partnerships

An effort towards sharing resources and experiences by the district level extension agencies can force development jointly and KVK-Khordha took attempts with an initiative “People and Partnership”. The initiative “People and Partnership” is partnering with organizations of almost similar mandate to enhance reach of activities by keeping interests of people successfully achieved through development interventions.

State Employment Mission

 KVK agreed to State Employment Mission to organise 30 days long term skill development training and completed 8 batches since 2012-13. The thematic areas on skill development were Freshwater Aquaculture though which 143 entrepreneurs were developed, 40 farmers in Seed Production techniques on cereals, pulses and oil seeds and 40 farmers in Vermi composting and bio fertilizers.


KVK works with ATMA-Khordha through a convergence model in varietal trails, demonstrations, trainings and in many other activities. KVK has been working with Bringing Green Revolution to Eastern India (BGREI) in promoting line transplanting and System of Rice Intensification. Since 2011-12, KVK for the scheme has brought 10,000 ha of paddy cultivation under Line Sowing covering seven blocks, 554 villages with the role of KVK in technical backstopping and Monitoring. KVK-Khordha works in tandem with ATMA towards sharing responsibilities and using resources effectively. KVK along with ATMA-Khordha worked on the demonstration, validation and varietal trails. Over the period of time KVK organised these trails. KVK trailed out hybrids of rice bitter gourd, brinjal, cow peas, capsicum and many other crops

Integrated Watershed Management Project (IWMP), Nuapada

KVK was provided an opportunity to share the experiences with Nuapada farmers on cultivation of off season vegetables. KVK took attempts to share the experience through training 210 farmers in seven batches. The initiative was supported by Watershed Mission, Government of Odisha. The KVK with the funds provided developed a guide for cultivating horticulture crops with special reference to off season vegetables. This partnership also yielded to work jointly with Department of Vegetable Science, Orissa University of Agriculture and Technology and also a presence in Nuapada district.

Orissa Community Tank Management Project

KVK with the support of Orissa Community Tank Management Project (OCTMP) brought 412 ha of land under line sowing in paddy, 25 ha of community tanks under fish culture, 80 units of backyard poultry, organised 85 tank level trainings benefitting 2285 farmers, trained 330 master farmers in freshwater aquaculture followed by 40 fisheries extension workers. KVK with the support of OCTMP trained 180 master farmers of the PP from 30 districts of Odisha for five days in six batches. Master famers were trained in fish seed production and improved fish farming and it is expected that all the 180 in turn are expected to help communities towards community aquaculture using latest technologies in freshwater aquaculture. This has been a farmer to farmer extension as a model adopted by KVK. The impacts of these have been realised through the increased contact by master farmers to KVK for providing agro related services through personal visits and online support.

 IFFCO, Bhubaneswar  

IFFCO the gaint in cooperative sector dealing with fertilizers has joined hands with KVK for envisaging agricultural development interventions in the district. Jointly a trial was carried out on IFFCO products especially on soil enrichment products, bio fertilizers, water soluble fertilizer and IFFCO specialty fertilizers. In addition to that a three day training and visit programme was organised by IFFCO at KVK. The training was attended by 35 farmers from 13 districts of Odisha and topics on advances on agriculture and allied sectors along with exposure visit to progressive farmer’s field. At present KVK has planned for IFFCO to trail out the newly released liquid bio fertilizers in KVK farmer’s field.

 Sai fertilizers Pvt. Ltd

The KVK worked with Sai Fertilizers Ltd, Kolkatta towards trailing out the granulated Single Super Phosphate for the first time in the district. The success of this partnership has now made Sai Fertilizers to continue towards working with KVK on promoting Single Super Phosphate.